Street Furniture



Street furniture is a universal term used for those objects installed on the sides of roads, streets and parks. They give a local significance to the location and makes the lives of people easier and more beautiful.
The street furniture supplied by Ducon L.L.C enhances the aesthetics and visual identity of the location where it s installed. Ducon L.L.C is recognized for high quality products. Our street furniture range includes bollards, litter bins, seat, picnic benches, table and bench combinations, barbecues, planters, tree grates and more.
They are available in a variety of finishes, colors and styles.
Our street furniture can also be supplied to customer's design and specification. Send us your enquiries, we shall give the best product for the best price

Seats and benches are installed in parks, plazas, alongside walkways and jogging tracks. They are provided to serve as a place to rest and admire views. Seats come with armrests , whereas benches do not have them.





Litter bins are installed at strategic location to encourage the public to correctly dispose of their rubbish, rather than littering the street. They are available in different colors and finishes.






Bollards are short poles, or pillars placed to prevent vehicle parking and vehicle movement in the installed location. They provide safety and help pedestrians feel more secure. Bollards are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and finishes.




Planters and planter boxes of all shapes and sizes with suitable plants are used for interior landscaping and exterior landscaping. They create a pleasant ambiance and transform the interior location where it is installed. Planters are used in exterior landscaping as well, at commercial sectors, airports, hospitality sectors such as hotels , offices, retail sectors and public areas.




Tree grates allow space for the tree without obstructing pedestrian traffic flow over the tree planting area. Tree grates also help prevent litter buildup around the tree.
Tree grates come in many sizes, designs, color and finishes to suit any tree pit. Tree grates can be supplied in the same color as the surrounding pavers. We even offer custom made tree grate to suit any design, color and finish.



Concrete barbecue pit are custom made. Concrete barbecue pits are generally used outdoor in parks and backyards of villas.