Precast Elements

Precast Elements
  • baluster
  • cable marker tile 1
  • cable marker tile 2
  • cable marker tile 4
  • cable trough
  • coping stone
  • draincover
  • duct marker
  • earthpit
  • fence wall
  • lintel
  • retaining wall
  • roadbarrier
  • routemarker
  • sphebollard
  • stepping stone
  • tactile paver1
  • tactile paver2
  • tactile paver3
  • jquery image carousel
  • wall cladding
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Our Precast concrete elements are cast and cured off-site, in a factory, using moulds. The tolerances are accurately controlled. Precast concrete elements can be made in a variety of colours. Elements that need to withstand loading stress are reinforced with steel reinforcement. Since the precast concrete elements are manufactured under controlled conditions, this enables setting up of good quality control arrangements which result in a good quality products.
Ducon L.L.C provides you with the following precast elements viz., Baluster, Cable tiles, Cable trough, Concrete blocks, Concrete slabs, Coping stone, Drain cover, Duct marker, Earth pit, Lintels, Road barrier, Route marker, Skirting, Stepping stone, Tactile pavers, Tread and Riser, Wall cladding and Water tanks.